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Florida‘s Top Food and Drink Experiences

Your personal guide to the most memorable food and drink experiences in Florida


Florida’s a food lover’s paradise, offering a diverse array of delicious cuisine and refreshing drinks. From the Gulf Coast‘s fresh seafood to the Caribbean-inspired flavors of Key West, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

The “Sunshine State” offers some of the freshest and most delicious seafood in the country, with local favorites such as grouper, snapper, and shrimp featuring on the best Florida restaurant menus. Indulge in traditional seafood dishes such as fish tacos and gumbo or try something more exotic like conch fritters.

For a truly luxurious seafood experience, head to one of the many high-end seafood restaurants in the state where you can indulge in delicacies like oysters, caviar, and lobster.


Florida’s International Food and Drink Experiences


Another popular cuisine in Florida is Caribbean-inspired food, particularly in the Florida Keys and Miami. The city is especially well-known for its delicious Cuban-inspired dishes, including Cuban sandwiches made with slow-roasted pork, ham, cheese, and pickles on crusty bread.

Visitors can also enjoy traditional dishes such as ropa vieja and arroz con pollo, a chicken and rice dish that’s popular. For those looking for something a little sweeter, Miami’s Little Havana neighborhood is home to some of the best Cuban pastries and coffee in the state.

Florida’s diverse population also means that you can find a variety of international cuisines throughout the state. From Thai and Vietnamese in Tampa to Colombian and Peruvian in Miami, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.


Fun Sunshine State Food and Dink Experiences


For a refreshing drink experience, head to one of Florida’s many craft breweries and distilleries. The state is home to a growing number of local breweries, many of which offer unique and delicious beers. For those who prefer something a little stronger, Florida is also home to a number of craft distilleries, producing everything from whiskey and gin to rum and vodka.

Whether it’s enjoying a beachside cocktail or fine dining at one of the best restaurants in the Sunshine State, be sure to use LuxuryFlorida as your guide to the state’s top food and drink experiences.